Ninebot GoKart PRO by Segway | Includes Ninebot S MAX


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The Ninebot GoKart PRO by Segway reaches new levels of performance with fine-tuned steering and added durability. Top speed can be set in the app at approximately 5, 11, 17, or 23 mph and can travel up to 15.5 miles. This GoKart PRO bundle includes the Ninebot S MAX, making this the complete kit to start racing away! The Ninebot S MAX is a detachable self-balancing transporter that serves as the rear wheels. Since it is included in this kit, it does not have to be purchased separately as with the regular Ninebot Gokart Kit by Segway.


Detachable Self-Balancing Transporter
Bluetooth Speaker
96Nm Max Torque
1.02G Max. Acceleration
15% Hill Grade
APP Control
Height Range: 51″ to 75″
Top Speed 23 mph
Max 220 lbs (100 kg) Payload
15.5 Miles Range