The Shimano Stella SWB is the next generation of fishing reels, available today! There are twelve reels in the Shimano Stella SWB range, reels that will cover everything from snapper and barramundi, to tuna and marlin.

The Shimano Stella SWB is the leader in saltwater spin fishing reels and is now available to Aussie anglers. There aren’t enough words to describe how good the Shimano Stella SWB reels are, phenomenal, unreal, amazing, out of this world these are just some of the superlatives used by anglers to describe the Shimano Stella SWB

As we move forward, technology is changing the face of everything and fishing is no exception the technological advancements of the Shimano Stella SWB is beyond belief. With technological advancements in gear design and production, drag technology and power and Shimano’s brand new X-Technology, the Shimano Stella SWB is in a category of its own when it comes to spinning reels. It’s scary!

There is nothing a Shimano Stella SWB can’t handle

The New Shimano Stella 20000SWB PG Spin Fishing Reel is a big reel designed for BIG FISH! If you chase tuna, jig for kingfish, throw poppers for monster GT’s then the Shimano Stella 20000SWB is up the challenge!

The PG in the name stands for “Power Gear” and with a 4.4 : 1 Gear Ratio cranking a whopping 104cm of line per handle crank your jig or lure will move fast the slightly lower gear ratio (power gear) helps to manhandle big hard fighting fish, giving you the lifting power when you need it. Add to this a whopping 25kg of fish punishing drag and line capacity of 400m of 80lb braid and there aren’t to many fish in the sea you cant catch.

Depending on your fishing scenario? The Shimano Stella 20000SWB PG Fishing Reel will match to any rod capable of handling heavy line class, one option is the Shimano Ocea Rods some of the rods in this range are the perfect companion to this reel.


  • Model: Stella 20000 SWB PG
  • Gear Ratio: 4.4 : 1
  • Line Retrieve 104cm
  • Max Drag: 25kg
  • Capacity Braid: 80lb / 382 yards Power Pro
  • Mono Capacity: 14kg approx 293 metres
  • Weight 885g
  • Bearings: 14 S A-RB Bearings, 1 roller bearing (all models)